96~720 Cores Fiber Optical Cabinet

96~720 Cores Fiber Optical Cabinet
96cores ~ 720 cores Fiber Cabinet
Product Description
The application range of the optical cable transfer box is the scene that needs to realize the connection and scheduling
of the optical cable and the optical fiber, such as the optical transmission network and the optical access network, and the
function of terminating the trunk optical cable and the distribution optical cable and placing the optical splitter.
fully enclosed chassis, dust-proof, beautiful appearance
Walk fiber specifications to meet the fiber bending radius greater than 30mm
Drawer tray set fusion, disk storage, wiring as a whole, the structure is simple and clear, not only to ensure
the optical fiber radius of curvature, but also greatly simplifies the engineering maintenance workload
safe, reliable optical fiber storage and protection
Cable stripping, fixing, grounding protection is reliable and practical
SMC box or stainless steel box, moisture, water, dust, salt spray, anti-corrosion anti-aging superior
performance, degree of protection to IP65
adapter card-type installation, quick and easy operation, transmission loss is low, the card can be installed
SC-type, FC-type adapter
Environmental conditions indicators
Operating temperature range: -40 ~ +60
Relative humidity: ≤95% (+40 )
Atmospheric pressure: 62kpa ~ 106kpa