FC Fiber Patch Cord

FC Fiber Patch Cord
FC Fiber Patch Cord
Model: Singlemode or Multimode

Polish Type: UPC/APC

Ferrule Type: Grade A zirconia ceramic ferrule

Connector Color: blue/green/beige/auqa/violet/black/

Fiber Type: OS2/OM1/O2/OM3/OM4/OM5

Fiber Count: simplex/duplex/multi-core

Jacket Material: PVC/LSZH/PU/PE or customized

Jacket Color: blue/orange/green/brown/gray/white/red/black/yellow/purple/pink/aqua

Matching Cable Dia: 0.9mm/2.0mm/3.0mm/4.0mm etc....

Operating Temperature: -20~ 70°c

Storage Temperture: -40~80°c

SINDA provides an extensive line of high performance fiber optic passive products. Using up-to-date technology, advanced manufacturing equipments, and strick quality control & management ensures long life and excellent quality of our products, deliver high stability under a range of application conditions for todays stringent optical networks. All the passive products comply with Telcordia GR-326-Core, TIA/EIA and IEC.

High quality, 100% Tested

Comprehensive performance testing makes sure the cable work more secure and data transmission more reliable and stable in your network.

Digital end-face detector   No-mandrel IL & RL tester   Connector 3D tested

        Digital end-face detector                      No-mandrel IL & RL tester                      Connector 3D tested

Sort of Optical Fibers

Fiber specifications list the core and cladding diameters as a ratio.  Multimode fiber is commonly 62.5/125 or 50/125 micron, single mode fiber is commonly 9/125 micron.

Sort of the Constructions of Optical Fiber Cords-1


• 100% optically tested(Insertion loss)
• Perfect random mating performance
• Customer length
• Various connector type available
• Singlemode (OS2) and multimode (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5) are available
• Environmental stable


High quality zirconia ceramic ferrule  Features

Patch cord&pigtails selected ceramic ferrule, professional grinding technology, so that the end face of the optical fiber can be precisely connected.Optimum IL and RL ensure stable signal transmission, protecting your network safety.

High quality zirconia ceramic ferrule




■ FTTH and FTTx 
■ Active/Passive device
■ Telecommunication Networks
■ Analog/Digital Passive Optical Networks
■ Data Processing Networks
■ Premise Installations
■ LAN, WAN and Metro Networks
■ Other applications in fiber optic systems
■ Industrial, Medical & Military
■ CATV system
■ Active Device Termination
■ Fiber optic sensors


Connector Specifications 

Optical PerformanceSingle ModeMulti Mode
Insertion Loss≤0.20dB≤0.30dB
Return Loss≥50dB(UPC)≥30dB
Durability≤0.2dB typical change,1000 matings
Core/Cladding size9/125μm50/125μm62.5/125μm
Cable countSimplex or Duplex
Jacket typePVC or LSZH
Jacket Diameter900μm, 2mm or 3mm
Operating Temperature- 20 ~ +75℃
Storage Temperature- 40 ~ +85℃
Endface Geometry
Parameter2.5μm ferrule1.25μm ferrule
Radius of Curvature10~25mm5~12mm7~25mm5~12mm
Apex Offset0~50μm0~50μm0~50μm0~50μm
Fiber Height-100~50nm-100~100nm-100~50nm-100~100nm