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Fiber Optic Cable

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FTTH Drop Cable

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    FTTH Drop Cable
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    Yantian , Shenzhen
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The optical fiber unit is positioned in the centre. Two parallel Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) are placed at the two sides. A steel wire as the additional strength member is also applied. Then the cable is completed with a black or color LSZH sheath.
        · Special low-bend-sensitivity fiber provides high bandwidth and excellent communication
          transmission property;
        · Two parallel FRP strength members ensure good performance of crush resistance to protect the
        · Single steel wire or massagers as the additional strength member ensures good performance of           tensile strength;
        · Simple structure, light weight and high practicability;
        · Novel flute design, easily strip and splice, simplify the installation and maintenance;
        · Low smoke, zero halogen and flame retardant sheath.
·Optical Characteristics










3.5 dB/km

3.5 dB/km




1.5 dB/km

1.5 dB/km


0.45 dB/km

0.50 dB/km




0.30 dB/km




Bandwidth (Class A)




500 MHz·km

200 MHz·km




1000 MHz·km

600 MHz·km

Numerical Aperture





Cable Cut-off Wavelengthλcc





·Technical Parameters
Fiber Count Cable Diameter
Cable Weight
Tensile Strength
Long/Short Term
Crush Resistance
Long/Short Term
Bending Radius
1 (2.0±0.2)×(5.0±0.2) 20 60/120 300/1000 15/30
2 (2.0±0.2)×(5.0±0.2) 20 60/120 300/1000 15/30
3 (2.0±0.2)×(5.6±0.2) 21 60/120 300/1000 15/30
4 (2.0±0.2)×(5.6±0.2) 22 60/120 300/1000 15/30
Storage/Operating Temperature : -20℃ to + 60℃

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